Tas Salini’s AoC Documentary

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – The Art of Community Initiative has commissioned a new documentary from filmmaker Tas Salini of Stepping Stones Productions, Inc.  The 30-minute documentary will explore the process and results of the organizations, artists and communities making art projects that bond, bind and build communities in Broward County.

Filming Childnet reception as Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale

Filming Childnet reception as Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale
Left to Right: Alexandra Bello, Tas Salini, Adam Heim (on camera), O’Neal James

Stepping Stone Productions is a full service film production company serving the broadcast and cinema industries in the United States and the International markets since 1990. The company has produced music videos that have aired on MTV (USA), MTV Espanol, MTV Europe, BET, VH1, Puma TV, MTV3s among numerous broadcast, cable and satellite channels worldwide. The company has produced award winning documentaries, videos and a motion picture. Currently Stepping Stone is developing a feature motion picture, a TV show and producing corporate videos including a documentary for the Community Foundation of Broward.

Interviewing Piero Farci at Coral Springs Museum of Art

Interviewing Piero Falci at Coral Springs Museum of Art
Left to Right: Piero Falci, O’Neal James (on sound), Bryan Knicely, Alexander DeStefino (on camera), Tas Salini
On wall, “Coffee Break,” by artist Sybil Ross Kleinman

Tas Salini

Tas Salini has won numerous Crystal Reel and Telly awards for directing and producing and the coveted audience awards at prestigious film festivals for ‘Best Picture’ for ‘Gringo Wedding’.  Salini is a professor of Digital Film & Video Production at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. He has served as a film judge for the Palm Beach International Film Festival (2009) and the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival (2010).

Documentary Team

Producer/Director:  Tas Salini
Executive Producer: Joshua Kanies
Editor: Giovanni Costa
Production Coordinator/Line Producer: Alexandra Bello
Cameramen: Alex DeStefino, Denis Dufrense, Adam Heim, Jonathan Delgado, Mike Taylor, Roberto Garcia, Tas Salini
Sound engineers: Drew Beaty, O’Neal James
Production assistants: Anesh Doyle, Johnny B. Smith III, Brian Lowe, Michael Del Toro, Karim Shaw, Heather Winter

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