Art and Culture Projects Needed!  Act NOW.

Art-of-Community-Name-and-Graphic-For-PhilNetWith the generosity of the Community Foundation of Broward, gifts from new donors to your organization will be matched with $2 dollars for every $1 dollar.  This exciting opportunity is available until December 15, 2013 for arts and culture projects posted through by nonprofit organizations.

Post your project as soon as possible.  A major marketing effort in the Sun Sentinel and on WLRN starts on November 1st to announce the match and encourage Broward residents to give to the arts and culture online. The match ends at 11:59 PM on December 15.

ASAP:  Contact Lois Marino with Business for the Arts Broward at for all details.  In general, all nonprofits producing arts and culture events in Broward can participate.  Limited restrictions.

Below are the links.  Use them NOW……………………………

Details on Community Foundation of Broward 2-1 Matching Program

Details from Business for the Arts Broward on Posting Projects

View the online line giving website at 

Advertisement for Donors

Advertisement for Donors

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