About AoC

Art of Community:   to use art to bridge, bond, and build communities

With a population of 1.7 million people, Broward County has more resident than 12 states.  Our rich diversity of residents from different countries, different states, and different cultures contribute to fragmentation of our population and isolation of different groups within Broward’s 400 square miles of suburban metropolis.  Furthermore, with current trends of migration, sprawl, and increased mobility, many residents do not feel strongly connected to, or identify with, their communities.  It is vital for the future of Broward to implement strategies to solidify individuals’ connections to our county and to each other.

To address the build communities, the Community Foundation of Broward developed the Art of Community Initiative.  Since 2011, the foundation has awarded grants to 7 collaborations between communities and artists to address local concerns and issues.


Art of Community Initiative

Through the Art of Community initiative (A of C), the Foundation seeks to be the catalyst for Broward to use art to bridge, bond, and build communities. Over the next five years, the three key results we seek to attain are the following:

  • Result 1: People are connected through civic engagement that uses the arts to reach common goals.
  • Result 2: Community problems are solved collaboratively using the arts to bridge different sectors.
  • Result 3: The arts are recognized as essential to a strong community.

The following are measures that will demonstrate success on the above:

  1. Increase community involvement in efforts that advance the arts.
  2. New offerings exist that use arts to demonstrate measurable impact on community issues.
  3. Organizations across sectors and disciplines recognize the value arts organizations bring to the community through increased alliances.
  4. Optimal financial support enables the arts to thrive.
  5. The arts are publicly recognized as a tool for positive change

More information is available on the Community Foundation of Broward webiste.

Art of Community Projects:  2012

  • Coral Springs Museum of Art:  Citizen Inspired by Art, Coral Springs.  Winning Artist:  Rebecca Lowy
  • H.O.M.E.S:  13th Street Outdoor Gallery, Fort Lauderdale.  Lead Artists:  Jacklyn Laflamme, Lorraine Maxwell and Glen Mayo.

Art of Community Project:  2013

  • Young At Art:  ArtHouse at NW Gardens, Fort Lauderdale.  Artists:  Carlos Alves and JC Carroll
  • Childnet:  Forest of Families, County-Wide, Exhibition at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale.  Lead Artist:  Eduardo Gardin
  • Lauderhill YMCA:  Own the Overpass, Lauderhill.  Lead Artists:  Jacek Kolasksi and Roberto Rovira of FIU
  • Ashanti:  Arts of the Avenue Mural, Pompano.  Lead Artist: Nzingha Blanchard
  • City of Hollywood:  Community Connection, Hollywood.  Lead Artist:  Michelle Weinberg
  • Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention:  Expressions of Hope, Wilton Manors.  Lead Artist:  Robin Braun

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